Meet Susan, Our April Member In the Spotlight!

Written By: Hilary Walker

There is never a dull moment when in the presence of Susan Arredondo. Sharp, witty, passionate, and driven—yet just as easily laidback and charismatic. Originally from Southern California, Susan graduated from Cal Poly Pomona in 1993 with a degree in Finance, Real Estate and Law, with an emphasis in Corporate Financial Analysis.  In 2005, she and her husband Ben (of eighteen years now) moved to the “right coast,” (as she puts it) and had their son Nathan two years later. When Susan speaks of her son and her dog, a chocolate lab rescue, Sassy, it’s quite obvious to see where her heart lies. Aside from her love of family and animals, she enjoys “anything involving water” and stays active and fit with a combination of watersports and running.  An advocate of “be the best person you can be,” Susan holds the most value in both her personal and professional relationships as well as in her work ethic and drive. With nearly twenty-five years experience in the commercial real estate industry, she claims the biggest driving factor in her motivation is that, “Everyday is different. Working together with other people to create something tangible from dirt…who wouldn’t love that!?!”

Susan credits her first boss Marta Borsanyi, Co-founder of The Concord Group in Newport Beach, CA which provides market, economic and financial analyses for value maximization in large scale residential and non-residential development, for giving her the knowledge and insight to apply to launch her own successful career.   “Marta was a remarkably brilliant real estate professional in an industry dominated my men.  Driven, passionate and meticulous, so attentive to detail that she never missed a beat—a true class act.” It was this eye-opening experience with her former boss that Susan claims she built her foundation—applying and maintaining these very standards still currently today. When giving advice to young and upcoming women in the industry Susan suggests the same standards she first learned from Marta.  “Some standards should stay the same even with all the changes in gender equality. Watch your skirt length and your cleavage. Have beautiful style that highlights that you are a serious driven professional.”


As for her involvement with Cape Fear CREW, Susan credits her main goal and focus lies within the realm of networking, or rather, “networking for knowledge,” as she claims. “CREW is an invaluable means to add to the value and quality of the work that I do.” When asked about her personal and professional achievements and awards, Susan unknowingly revealed her biggest accomplishments—her sense of humor and her overwhelming heart. She mentioned winning a tee-shirt design contest a few years back at the Wilma Dash. “It was a hot pink tee-shirt that read ‘Run now, Wine later.’” She added, “We didn’t do it because we thought/wanted to win. We just thought it was hilarious!” As for demonstrating her immense heart, Susan raved about her involvement with her son’s cub scout troop and in helping to raise $24,000 in popcorn sales this past year.  And as for her biggest life goal—Susan wants to eventually retire and travel the country in an RV like she and her husband did for their two-month honeymoon trip. “It’s great and all that people love to travel abroad…but there is just soooo much beauty in this great country! The natural beauty, the interesting people/cultures…all the different terrains!”

“One of a kind,” is an understatement for Susan Arredondo. “Firecracker,” equally, does not fully convey all the greatness this woman possesses. Professional, yet colorful, free-spirited, but grounded, hysterical yet humble, Susan is indeed, far beyond any generic clichés.  Not without quirks, however, she reveals she is working diligently to ease her “control issues.”  “I am trying to get rid of them!!” she laughs, “I would love to be able to let go, not be so into all the details, be able to trust. I read this saying recently: ‘You can’t control everything. Sometimes you just need to relax and have faith that things will work out. Let go and let life happen.”