Meet Stephanie, Our June Member In the Spotlight!

Written by: Hilary Walker

Five minutes of interviewing Stephanie Lanier is all it takes to begin to see why, and more so, how, she has been named one of Wilmington, NC’s “Most Intriguing People.” Chic, charismatic, caring, community-oriented, and compassionate, Stephanie’s spirit falls nothing shy of captivating and awe-inspiring. The founder and CEO of her own boutique real estate firm, Lanier Property Group, Stephanie, along with her dedicated team of six brokers, have successfully closed on hundreds of residential transactions since its inception in 2012.
Originally from Concord, NC, Stephanie moved to Wilmington to obtain both her undergraduate and graduate degree from UNCW. Upon graduation in 2007, she went on to work as a clinical social worker for at-risk teenagers, the homeless, and mediating child abuse and neglect cases for the State of North Carolina. When asked what made her transition to the real estate industry, Stephanie revealed that her decision came out of necessity for being the best mother she could be for her only son, Oliver.
“When Oliver got sick, it was not a question. I had to change professions. I could not de-compartmentalize. I had nothing to offer,” Stephanie courageously revealed. “My husband already had his real estate license so I sort of stumbled upon the same venture out of both necessity and curiosity. From that point on, my career evolved from there. I just took it one step at a time.”
Upon embracing this career change, Stephanie joined CREW in 2014. She credits the organization with helping her begin to generate referrals, being her support system when she “got over her head,” and equipping her with a better understanding of the commercial side of real estate. “This group is so supportive of one another. We don’t look at each other as ‘competitors.’ Rather, we see the value and importance in networking within the industry. The amount of talent and vision here is insurmountable.”
Along with serving as a past board member for CREW, Stephanie volunteers her spare time assisting with some of her most beloved charities, such as Make-A-Wish Foundation. An executive member for the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce, Current Chair for the UNCW alumni board, and an active leader for both her Church and community, it is without a doubt that Stephanie’s success manifests from possessing such an uncommonly benevolent heart. “Change is vital, and the only way people change is by coming together. We are all connected, yet we are all so lonely. The value of face to face interaction and physical connection will never be surpassed by technological applications.”
It was through this focused and passionate mentality, that Stephanie launched a local women’s initiative group in 2015 called the “Inspiration Lab.” What originally began as a series of luncheons in what Stephanie described as “women hungry for a change,” she revealed her aim was to “help cease the level of disconnect and boundary occurring in women’s’ everyday lives.” “Inspiration Lab is a means to bring women together while providing a platform and ability to learn how to achieve that work/life balance essential for both success and enduring happiness.” The main vision behind Inspiration Lab, coincides with CREW’s mission, in that it is an organization that exists to bring women together, generate empowerment, provide learning resources, educational and networking events, and to give back to the community.
Without a doubt, this community could greatly benefit by having more Stephanie Laniers. A devoted wife, mother, career woman, motivational speaker and leader, charitable activist, and pioneer—Stephanie has fruitfully and methodically carved her own innovative niche and brand in the Wilmington real estate industry. Of course, not surprisingly, she has been awarded “Best Real Estate Agent” by Star News in 2014. She has been labeled by Inman New’s as one of the “top International Real Estate Influencers” and has earned the rank as an accredited Luxury Home Specialist.
“You don’t need an Iron Fist to be successful,” Stephanie revealed, “That’s one of the biggest misconceptions. What you need is the ability to nurture while still maintaining an aggressive leadership stance.”