Meet Paige, Our May Member In The Spotlight


Paige Coniglio moved to Charlotte, NC as a young child and eventually moved to Wilmington, NC to attend the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. After obtaining her BA, Paige took a position at WECT, eventually working her way up into the marketing department, organizing station events. After WECT she worked in tourism marketing for 17 years. In 2014, Paige embarked upon a new opportunity—adopting the role of “Specialty Leasing Manager and Marketing Director” for CBL Properties, the leasing management company behind the success of Mayfaire.

When asked what she loves most about her current position, Paige excitedly announced, “I love working with entrepreneurs, business leaders, and owners in the community. Their interest in leasing at Mayfaire has been a lot of fun for me to take part in and serve as a consultant.” Paige’s perfect smile spread ear to ear, “We aren’t so much ‘corporate’ as we are about promoting local business—helping to launch entrepreneurs while looking for new concepts that have a loyal following. We understand and value the importance of building relationships with our clients to help them develop the best avenue in which to help conceive their visions.”

Although originally hailing from Kingston, NY, Paige truly appreciates and recognizes the appeal and approach of “Southern Hospitality.” “Mayfaire is and was designed to meet the ‘live, play, work’ mentality. Our constant goal in mind is creating a ‘total experience’ for our clients and their customer base alike.”  Paige’s dedication and passion towards both CBL (short for Charles B. Lebovitz) and their clients is directly reflected in her bestowment of the 2016 and 2017 “Outstanding Specialty Leasing” achievement award through CBL.

“It’s all about becoming ‘better and better,” Paige revealed, “A mentality I obtained through a former supervisor, meaning that even if you fail at something, you learn from it and use it to make yourself better and stronger—both personally and professionally. Be grateful for what you do have because it is all too easy to lose sight of that.”  Applying this ideology was in part, Paige’s decision to join CREW in January of 2018. “I look forward to being a part of CREW to help build relationships within my community—to meet other driven and passionate women involved in different facets so that I may broaden my horizons and network—to continue to learn and to likewise, serve as an educator and resource as well.”

Not surprisingly, Paige demonstrates and upholds this same mentality in her personal life.  Married in June 2017 to her best friend, Steve, Paige is blessed to possess (what she refers to as) a wonderful extended family—and a very active and exciting family at that! From stand up paddleboarding, to photography, to attending their beloved Carolina Panthers games in Charlotte, Paige clearly demonstrates a massive appetite for life and fun. “I grew up playing softball, track, tennis, Frisbee, volleyball, and soccer until I tore my ACL in 2013. We love going to Panther’s football games. We went to training camp in 2016 and got to meet Fozzy Whittaker, who was so gracious and so kind enough to take a picture with us, waiting patiently while I nervously fumbled with my iphone,” Paige laughs.

In just the brief hour of meeting with Paige, it was easy to bear witness as to how and why she has become so successful in both her professional and personal life. Passionate, driven, fun-loving, athletic, and genuine are mere adjectives that barely skim the surface for accurately portraying this beautiful and kind-hearted woman.  A woman with an insatiable thirst for creatively manifesting the visions of not only her client base, but her loved ones, and self included.  “Always live today to the fullest,” Paige confidently assured. “Not that I don’t look forward to the future—but you must live for today, for tomorrow is never promised.”