Meet Julie Stephenson, Our August Member In The Spotlight!

By Hilary Walker

An authentic Wilmington “native,” Julie Stephenson is the epitome of Southern Belle—gorgeous, driven, polite, professional, and easy-going. A broker for Eastern Carolinas Commercial, Julie commenced her career in commercial real estate in 2014 when she took a position as their office manager. After two years of supporting three of their top producing brokers, she enrolled in the pre-licensing course, passed the state board, and made the transition to better her career. “I wanted more opportunity in both my personal and professional life. Prior to working in real estate, I managed a law office. I knew I was never going to be a lawyer, so what was I to gain?” Julie revealed.
In only her first year of brokerage, Julie exceeded her goal by closing nearly $4,000,000 in sales. Earning the title of Vice President of Administration for ECCRE, she credits her success with having the ability of learning the industry firsthand from her motivating and supportive co-workers. “ECCRE is a family run firm that is centered around team atmosphere and working together,” Julie hailed. “What I love most about my job is establishing the resolution for someone—putting the ‘pieces of the puzzle’ together to turn a property and my client’s vision into a livelihood.”
Julie then discusses with fervent enthusiasm her latest project, “Axes & Allie,” Wilmington’s first ‘axe-throwing bar’ located in the old Red Barn Studio in downtown Wilmington. Beaming with excitement, she pulls out her phone and opens their Instagram account. “Isn’t that so cool?!? This is a picture of Mia, the owner, (who is grinning ear to ear in the photo).” Julie scrolls to another photo that reveals the target wall, “And this is what the inside looks like. Isn’t it awesome?!? I’m so happy that my client was intrigued with her business use and we helped Mia transform her vision into reality!”
As conversation progresses, Julie elaborates upon the people and “fur-babies” she is passionate about. “Well, I’m engaged and getting married to my fiancé, Trevor in March of 2019! We met in 2014 through mutual friends and I knew from the first time I locked eyes with him that he was going to be a significant part of my life in some form or manner. Flash forward to three years later and he’s down on one knee on Christmas Eve with a ring in his hand in front of both of our families. I couldn’t stop crying!” As for the other great loves in Julie’s life, she credits her “fur babies,” two Boykin spaniels Avery (who is 4) and Murphy (who is 2). She also plays a big part in her two nephews’ lives who live in Florida with her older sister.
“Trevor thinks I’m always going on vacation to Florida,” she laughs, “But he has never had a hand in raising two young children. It’s work! I go down there every couple months. I am thrilled to be in their lives and want to be there on the first day of school, during holidays, when they loose their first tooth, etc etc.”
Aside from being a loving and engaging Aunt to her two nephews, Julie exerts the same nurturing qualities to her clients. “I love helping people. I never stop when it comes to work because I love what I do!” she boasts. “I have fifteen plus years’ experience in customer service. Helping people is my biggest passion—it’s a lot of fun and getting the task done and crossing it off the list is key. Making sure needs are met and satisfied is one reason why I can’t go to sleep at night! And even though I’ve advanced in my career, I still wait tables during peak tourist season at Michael’s Seafood in Carolina Beach. You must come try our nationally award-winning chowder!”
In her free time, Julie works on re-furbishing projects in the charming “fixer-upper” she and Trevor just purchased this summer. A “DIY” kind of girl, Julie claims, “there’s nothing a little sand paper, paint, and heavy sweat equity can’t fix. We have an awesome porch and we are even going to build our own custom swing, so we can take full advantage of enjoying our beautiful yard! I’ve been shopping for old antique furniture and will restore it back to life with some tlc and by design.”
Not only is Julie creative, talented, and “go-getting,” she is an avid hunter, boater, and fisher. She enjoys just about anything outdoors and loves hitting the gym. Having a very eclectic taste in music—from country to classic rock to bluegrass, Julie lists Wild Wing Café, Reel café, and Greenfield Lake Amphitheatre as her favorite local venues for seeing live music.
When asked about her involvement with CREW and how the association has helped her develop in her career and industry, Julie responded, “Networking with professionals and knowledge of who is doing what in the area whether its developing, relocating, building new roads, etc is extremely beneficial in my career. Building those relationships with people leading this ever-changing and growing industry and knowing the right people and resources to contact is vital in this business. If you are hands on and a visual learner like me, then CREW is one of the most valuable resources you can and could ever invest in.”