Meet Heather! Who always knew interior design was her destiny…

Heather is a member of the Cape Fear CREW chapter.  She also is our President Elect for the 2012 year as well as the Chair for the Marketing and Communications for Cape Fear CREW.

The proud owner of Commercial Interiors, LLC, Heather started her company in 2006.  Heather always knew she wanted to be an Interior Designer; the proof is in her third grade paper about what she wanted to be when she grew up!!  She also knew she wanted to be in a warmer climate and by the beach instead of cold Michigan.  So she merged the two and opened up her business in Wilmington, NC. In her own words, Heather says “I never thought I would have my own business.  I love creating my own future and destiny and running my business and design the way I want it to be.  I sometimes feel like 90% of my time is spent on running the business, with the remaining 10% on actual design, but I love every minute of it! I’m blessed that I am actually working and making a living in a career that I went to college for, and making a living and working at the beach!  It’s like a dream come true for me.”

When it comes to CREW, Heather feels so proud to be surrounded by smart, successful, talented women who directly relate to her field of work.  She has gained numerous referrals, great professional relationships, and some best friends!  “CREW is by far the best professional organization I have ever been a part of and will ever be a part of-for my business professionally as well as personally.”

When she is not running her business or helping with CREW, Heather enjoys spending time with her family.  She is very fond of the beach and boating.  She is the proud mother to three step children, a three year old son, and only three weeks ago she and her husband welcomed another son.

This is Heather, a CREW member, business owner, wife, mother, and friend.  She is our January “In the Spotlight”