Meet Danielle, our February Member In The Spotlight!

Meet Danielle Clark!

Danielle is a commercial banker and Vice President at South State Bank.  She has been in banking for 21 years in various positions, including focusing on business banking for the last nine years.  Danielle started in the banking business as a part time teller in college and worked her way up to commercial banker.  Less than a year ago, Danielle left PNC to join South State Bank at the behest of the regional President at South State Bank who was her Market President from many years ago and who felt, rightly so, that she would be an asset to the company.  She is glad to have the opportunity to learn from him again and is happy to be a part of the South State team.

Danielle really enjoys helping business owners achieve their goals and improve our economy.  Danielle finds her clients to be very special people that are passionate and dedicated to business.  Their passion inspires her and drives her to work hard for them to see visions and dreams become reality.  Danielle assists with their lending needs, but also offers solutions to improve or enhance cash flow.  At her core, Danielle is a relationship banker, the one the client goes to with any need.  Danielle loves the banking business so much, she has been recognized as a Market All Star and won the Circle of Excellence award for being a top performer and exceeding her goals.

Danielle has found CREW to be a great organization that allows her to network with other women in her field and to share experiences and useful tactics that she and others have found beneficial.

Here’s Danielle in a few of her own words:

“I have been told that I am a rare breed.  I was born and raised here in the beautiful town of Wilmington.  I went to school and college here.  I have never lived in another city – why would I want to?  Wilmington has so much to offer, and is continuing to grow. I started in banking when I was 19 and in college.  I worked my way up from being a part time teller, to a service manager, to a licensed banker, and now to commercial banker. 

I have been married for over thirteen years, but I have known my husband since I was 8.  We went to school together and started dating when I was sixteen.  We have been together ever since that time – talk about being a person that can be committed to something!  We are blessed to have an 11-year old daughter, Alexys, who is smart, beautiful and talented.  She takes dance at Seda, and she is part of the competition team.  I spend a lot of my time at her studio and on the road at competitions.  Her passion and drive at such a young age inspire me to always keep going and work hard to achieve my goals.  We have 3 dogs that are part of our family, Zoey, Diva, and Kash.   And, I am also a landlord! So at times I may have to get my hands dirty and do some physical labor at one of the houses.

Hard work and dedication pay off, so push yourself, and be the best you that you can be!”

We are so glad to have Danielle lead our community involvement committee in 2019!