Meet Amy, Our December Member In The Spotlight

Amy-DesaixAmy recently transitioned to Atlantic Shores Environmental Services, and is a Senior Project Manager at the firm.
Amy is a North Carolina native, born and raised in Chapel Hill; however, she travelled out of state for college. She attended the University of the South – Sewanee, Tennesse, and earned her degree in Natural Resources. Growing up, both of her parents worked for UNC-Chapel Hill, so her roots are embedded in Carolina basketball. She played basketball from age 5 through 20. Her athleticism has also followed her into adulthood. In her spare time, you’ll find Amy running or hitting the waves. She took up surfing in the last few years, and says it’s her latest passion.
Amy works in the field of Environmental Consulting. Straight out of college, she worked for the US EPA for a year. However, after the EPA had a hiring freeze, she moved back to North Carolina, and found a job with an engineering company in Charlotte in 2000. She started performing due diligence environmental consulting and has been performing the same type of services ever since. She has worked for engineering firms performing environmental consulting in Charlotte, Greensboro, and Wilmington.
After moving to Wilmington in 2005, she worked with the same firm until September of this year when she started working with fellow CREW member, Cheryl Moody with Atlantic Shores Environmental Services, Ltd. Cheryl originally hired her in 2005 at the prior firm; Amy says, “Life has gone full circle and we are working together again. I am excited about seeing what she has done with her company and possibilities for the future.”
When asked what her favorite part of her job is, Amy says “The favorite part of my job is the due diligence consulting services that goes along with property development/transaction. I really enjoy talking with potential developers, hearing their goals, working with them to meet their goals and seeing the property blossom. I love seeing all the growth and expansion in diversity in Wilmington and knowing I have been a part of that.”
When asked how CREW benefits her, Amy says, “CREW helps both professionally and personally. I enjoy socializing with professional women and the friendships created. I also enjoy learning about their different careers. I never realized how much was involved in commercial real estate. CREW helps facilitate networking within the market. I am able to learn about potential projects that could require environmental consulting services and/or I have clients who might be looking for services of other CREW members.”