Meet Amy, Our August Member in the Spotlight!

amy zeko picAmy Zeko has worked in Real Estate since beginning her legal career in early 2002. Initially she practiced primarily in the area of residential real estate, but soon expanded into development and commercial. She has worked with small commercial clients and builders in Brunswick and New Hanover County, as well as some larger developers.

When Amy was in law school, she planned to be a contract attorney working in-house for a corporation. That is one of the reasons that she entered into the joint degree program to get her Masters in Business Administration. She never had an interest in being in court as an attorney, “When I graduated I moved to Wilmington to study for the bar, loved it and decided to stay. Corporate positions were hard to come by and I took a position at a small Real Estate firm in Brunswick County. The rest, as they say, is history.”

Amy had not planned to practice real estate law, but once she started she loved it. She enjoyed searching title, especially when the pieces did not always line up perfectly and she could investigate and solve the puzzle.  Amy says, “I love that no two pieces of real estate are ever the same and you never know what might come up in a real estate transaction.” In 2007, with the downturn in the market, Amy found herself starting a new part of her career in the default servicing arena where she resolved title issues for foreclosures, primarily residential, but some commercial properties. After 8-1/2 years in that area, she joined Fidelity National Title Group when they opened the Wilmington, NC branch in early 2016. It’s not difficult to see the enthusiasm that Amy brings to her work, “I love being able to apply what I learned in my years of practice to help my customers with their transactions.”

When asked about her goals, inspirations, passions, it is clear that Amy does not think small! Helping others is her passion. Amy is driven professionally and personally by her generous, uplifting nature. She says, “I love helping others in any way that I can, but especially if I can help them believe in themselves. I tell my kids all the time that failure is okay as long as you learn from it and that sometimes you just have to take a chance and do it scared. I want them, and everyone, to dream big and to believe in themselves enough to go after their dreams. I really love projects that help our youth and get them involved in their communities helping others and giving back. My goal in life is to make the most of every moment and to be kind in the process. “

Amy’s hobbies include travel, spending time at the beach, playing piano, reading, music/concerts, and being outdoors. She has been married for 12 years to her husband Matt, and has two children; a ten year old boy, Wyatt, and a 6 year old girl, Marley.

Since 2009, Amy has been a North Carolina Board Certified Specialist in Residential Real Property Law. Earlier this year, she was selected to participate in Fidelity National Financial’s 2017 Leadership Program.

Amy has been a member of CREW for almost a year and is enjoying making connections with other women in commercial real estate. She has also connected with other CREW members around the country. Amy understands the importance of building solid relationships, “I firmly believe a strong network will always serve you well, both in business and personally.”