In today’s challenging business environment, potential members ask why they should become and stay members of CREW Network.

CREW Network is the premier business organization dedicated to developing the skills that combine strategic vision with financial acumen. Members of our organization represent every discipline within the commercial real estate industry and are located in 71 major markets across the North America. With this large diverse network, our members are able to create new and different ways of structuring deals, to focus on the bottom line, and to inspire others to work as a team to get the job done.

How do we do that? We create opportunities for us to work together. We author leading industry white papers. We provide cutting edge leadership training. We know that advancement is often based on being recognized outside our companies, and we help our members be nominated and selected for prestigious industry awards.  We are a network of real estate professionals who know that women owned businesses choose financial products and services based on their relationships with these providers. We have a strong brand and we know an affiliation with CREW Network indicates the highest level of professional qualification for our members.

CREW Network provides a vehicle for relationships that produce business results. With an average 14 years of commercial real estate experience among our members, three-quarters of whom are senior executives of their companies, CREW Network is an important resource for contacts and information in the industry. Having the right research helps our members make the right connection and get the next job. And the result of all of this effort is that we choose to work together based on our knowledge and experience with each other and our common goals. How can you afford not to be a CREW Network member?